August 4, 2007

Crush on Cash

No I do not have a crush on money, but I think I do have one on Johnny Cash! It was not until I watched the movie ‘Walk the Line’ that I was introduced to his music. The credit goes to Joaquinn Phoenix for doing such a great job on the singing. The movie was good but what kept haunting me were those songs. I put it all behind for a while, but the ‘Burns burns burns’ of the song ‘Ring of Fire’ kept echoing in my mind time and again.
B finally could not bear to hear me hum it all wrong and got me his 16 biggest hits CD.
I cannot tell you how many times I have listened to that CD, it has been a blessing on all those days I was stuck in DC traffic. I think what I really like the most is his gruff voice, but also the way he speaks some simple words into the mike along with the music to compose a song!

It has been fun to feel like a teenager again, when I hear the words ‘Hello I'm Johnny Cash’. I cannot qualify as his fan as yet as I have not heard any other songs of his other than his biggest hits, but I’ve liked what I have heard so far. My personal favorite is ‘Walk the Line’, its amazing how these three little words can mean a whole lot!


Saint of Speed said...

Amazing singer.. amazing voice... simple lyrics with tremendous depth. I too was introduced to JC by a friend who had watched the movie.
Surprisingly not many Indian know him, listen to his music.

Madhu said...

Yeah true, I think the movie really helped in attracting more people to his music. Cheers to the man in black!