August 10, 2007

These days...

these are some of the things my baby does...

Gets up from her sleep with a smile. Sometimes I find her playing in her crib after she has got up.

Waves to say Hi

Salutes to say good morning

Waves to say bye

Claps her hands if we sing..clap clap clap….clap your hands.

Crawls fast to the bathroom if we say shall we give you a bath.

Loves her bath. She has her own small mug with bath buddies and pours water on herself

Answers by saying hmmmnn if I ask her do you want mammm mammm (food) or laala (milk)

Looks into my eyes and tries to read my lips when I tell her something new that she does not understand.

Looks into my eyes and then looks at something and goes hmmmnn when she wants it.

Goes bananas about bananas and shows the fruit basket and goes hmmmnn meaning I want one

Has a balloon in the shape of a monkey holding a banana and knows the difference between monkey’s banana and A’s banana

Repeats after me if I sing lalalala or kakaka or tatatata.

She thinks any rhythmic sound is music and moves her body to the tune, like the sound of the dishwasher or stirring a cup with a spoon.

Loves her bitter sweet vitamin drops and asks for it every night with her usual hmmmnn. Once she has had her dose smiles at me and then the bottle on the table knowing she’ll get it again the next day.

Plays patty –pat with my hands

Plays peek-a-boo using her blanket

Likes to observe our fingers and imitate when we sing ‘Where is thumbkin
She moves all her fingers when it comes to ‘Where are all the fingers

Say ‘Gimme a five’ and she will give you one.

Makes her grandparents take her for a ride on her bike all around the house

Asks her Thata to take her for a walk as soon as he gets dressed

Shows the pictures of Amamma and Thata and her Aunt when asked where they are

Waves when she sees a plane

Kisses saying aaabaaa

Does purrrrrrrrrrrr on my tummy

Clicks her tongues if she hears somebody do it.

Covers her ears with her hands if she hears the cooker or the blender.

Loves it if we play a game where we pretend that we cannot see her and say ‘Where is A, I cant see A, where did she go?’ She comes close to you and waits till you see her face and say ‘There you are!’

Pats herself if you ask her ‘Who is A?’

Loves to see pictures in books, and turns the pages one by one to see them.

Goes to sleep listening to a story in the night

Loves her soft toys and promptly hugs them every now and then

She shows her affection by patting, so when I get back from work and carry her she puts her head on my shoulder and pats my back.

Loves her blanket, she will drop anything and run to it if she sees it.

Loves her dad even more, she will even drop the blanket and run to him!


I love Lucy said...

Amazing post Maddy :)

I love that little angel!!Bigggg huggie to her :)

Shruthi said...

How lovely! Was imagining you and A B throughout! Maybe it is like seeing 6 months into the future? :D
A hug from me!

Shruthi said...

I remembered this post when I gave my A her vit drops today. She makes such a face, I hope she grows to like it too :D Btw I recorded her reaction to the taste of the drops in her first week... its wonderful - somethng to be treasured :D

Ashu said...

awwwwwwwwweeeeeee.. .that's so chweeeeeeeet!! :)

Twyla said...

Good post.