August 21, 2007

A lull..

and I am back. It has been a busy time for me…so much so that I could neither post anything nor read the blogs I usually do! Lots of things going on…
Things are really busy at work and to add to this we are moving into a new place this weekend. So the usual fair that involves a move, packing, cleaning and above all the planning! But am really excited about this move as I really like the house we are moving to and also because it is a little closer to my work place. And I am hoping against hope that because of this I will get more time with my baby from here on!
I had told myself that I will not act silly and will not write about this in this post, but I cannot help it. The new place has a walk in closet and I being all of 5 ft and 1 inch think it’s the best thing that is happening to me. Now suddenly everything in my closet will be reachable! So here I am dreaming of it day and night! These days when I am not in a good mood all that B says is the magic words ‘walk-in closet’ and that’s enough to cheer me up!
And when I am not being busy at work or with the packing or dreaming about the closet, my baby is in full charge of all my attention. She is on a spree doing new things. She is standing without support for a few seconds and both we and she are thrilled about it. And she now tries to communicate with a few actions, and keeps us busy trying to decipher them. And above all she calls me Ma!!! I have been on cloud nine about it until she started calling B. Its Ma for me and for B. Does the number of repetitions indicate the excitement in seeing the person….I wonder!
Anways all in all I’ve been busy but I have been busy for good reasons…and I think I am now officially back to the world of blogging.


Shruthi said...

Ah welcome back! And all the best with the moving!

LOL at walk-in closet :D and hugs to little A :D

I love Lucy said...

Walk-in closest are truly amazing with all the extra space!My mom used to kid that we could use it as another mini room!

Good luck with the moving!Send pictures of the new place soon :)