July 2, 2014

100 Happy Days?

It's been a while,
  my thoughts had gone astray.
They are now here with me,
   hopefully to stay!

Without further ado, let me jump to what I wanted to write about. The one thought that pumped up a heavy doze of adrenaline,  to make me jump up in bed at midnight. While the house sleeps peacefully, and the clock ticks away like a reminder of the much needed sleep to face another long busy day.

I am sure the 100 Happy Days challenge needs no introduction now. It is all over the social media/ internet. The challenge is to submit a picture of something that makes you happy, everyday for 100 days.

Guess who wants to jump onto this bus now?! But wait, how well do you know me? Do you think I will drop my pen and clutch onto my camera and spend 100 glorious days taking pictures? Have I ever looked straight at something and failed to gaze beyond, probably in search of a mysterious ghost holding it up and looking straight at me?

My pictures from tomorrow will have words....not simply describing what it is. But maybe teasing thoughts of what is and what is actually perceived. Perhaps a satirical nudge at today's social media and the many pictures posted in a day, of mostly, ahem, happy faces. That includes me too!

Why would I post a picture of a bad day, grumpy faces, leaky noses, withered flowers, lonely walks?

But the problem is with people's perception of your posted picture and your life. The expectations of all things rosy at all times, and your strife to keep up to them. A counter picture from an acquaintance that everything is going well for them, and the vicious cycle thereon.

With all due respect to the person who started this 100happydays challenge, and the many people who have found genuine happiness doing this, here are my 100 Happy Days, with a twist.

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