July 9, 2014

100 Happy Days - Day 8

These words that my daughter A said to me made me happy today.

What you may think 

That I am oh so proud that my daughter thinks this way about me and I am one lucky mom.

What really happened

I was mentioning to A about a picture on Facebook (the irony of life) getting many Likes, when she started talking dreamily about how famous she will be one day. I told her that I believed if she made up her mind, she would indeed be famous one day. For which she said "Whatever I become famous for, you would have played a big part in it".
The words took a few seconds to sink in, and that moment will definitely go down as one of immense happiness. Till I hugged her and she looked up at me and crinkled her nose just like the way I do, it hit me then and there.  I have such a big part to play in what she will be famous for - all things good or bad!

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