July 21, 2014

100 Happy Days - Day 19

Harvesting a ripered, plum tomato from my garden, made me happy today.

What you may think

That I have a lush vegetable garden in my backyard, where I grow vegetables of all kind. And every evening dinner is prepared with freshly picked produce from the garden.

What really happened

In a feeble attempt to try a hand at growing a vegetable garden, we have some pots trying to satisfy the needs of space seeking vegetable plants. So far we have to our credit,  some saplings of cucumber screaming out for space, a drying up basil plant, sprouting cilantro and methi seeds, and a lonely tomato plant, which we had bought from the store bearing a single fruit. Today that tomato fruit ripened after weeks, and the plant went back to silently praying for more fruits.

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