July 8, 2014

100 Happy Days - Day 6

The moment the kids finally slept made me happy yesterday.

(Excuse the quality of this picture, it was indeed a happy moment)

What you may think - My adult life began that very moment. I caught a show on TV with B, or stretched on bed and devoured a book.

What really happened - As I sat up and saw in the wee light of the night light, the magic of slumber that had transformed two monsters to angelic beauties, my heart leaped with joy. I went to my haven eagerly looking forward to some adult time. As I stretched on the bed, satisfying the needs of my tired body, slumber did it's magic again, washing away all my plans and even making me forget to do a post!


Sanjay said...

ha ha can relate to this even as a dad :)

one suggestion - post the subtitles in separate lines so the reader can skip it... and you can put them in between a <i> tag...

What happened

What really happened

Sanjay said...

it = reading the subtitles (i.e. for an earlier reader :) )

Madhu said...

Thanks for the suggestion Sanjay! Will definitely do that.