September 23, 2013

My little girl

Dear Av,

When you are ready to read this blog, I know exactly what you will say to me. “So many posts about A and no posts about me till I was 22 months?”  I was beginning to get nightmares about this question that I have to face in my future, so better late than never, here is my first letter to you!

You came into this world when someone else already meant the world to me. A was special, she is still special, she is my first born. I first experienced motherhood with her; we spent 5 years together before you came. But in those 5 years, there were many occasions when we spoke about you, planned how we would do this and that when you would be there. We always knew our family was incomplete without you.

When we first told A about you being inside me, she was thrilled beyond words. My second set of nine months became really special because of this beautiful bond that I saw being born between the two of you. We even had a time allotted every day where we would spend alone time with you. A would draw pictures for you on my belly; she would talk to you and sing to you. And once you were here I only saw this bond between you two getting stronger and stronger amidst all the love and fights.  Because of you I realized the meaning of sibling love, something I have never experienced before.  I loved the moment when I held you the first time, but honestly I loved the moment when I saw your sister hold you for the first time more!

You are the official stress buster of the house. Your smile can turn any dull moment into a fulfilling one.  If I have to describe you in two words I would say “Sweet Naughtiness”. You can get away with any crime with those eyes and smile.  You have brought about a new meaning to fun in our lives.

About why I have not written about you till now, there is only one reason.  I have been so busy with you! Chasing you, stopping you from danger while you were doing somersaults in the yard; standing head down from the sofa; hanging from the table;  swinging from chairs; sliding down the stairs; Running after you to eat your food!  And when I get a few moments away from all this I would be so exhausted and the last thing I wanted to do is write about you! I love you to death, and though you have heard me complain to people how the two girls are so different from each other, I wouldn't have you any other way.  While A did everything the perfect way since she was a baby, you are perfect the way you are!

Love - Mimi

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Shruthi said...

awww really sweet :')