June 14, 2008


Nine months, from a tiny cell to a beautiful baby with the food and air and the shelter provided by mom. She felt her move, she felt her kick, and she grew with her from a girl to a mom. The love and bond between mom and child is as wonderful as it is for all these reasons.
He watched her grow from a tiny cell to a beautiful baby through his wife’s belly and the work of his imagination. He smiled when she moved and leapt when she kicked and grew from a boy to a hero to be. If the love between dad and child can be as special as it gets, what can the reasons be?
A friend, a guide, a man with his arms always open for you, a talker, a listener, a critic always setting you in the right path, a clown, a joker, a man who laughs with you, a healer, a solver, a man who wipes your tears, a comforter, a protector, a man who is always there for you.
Every day is yours, but we never stop to mention just how much you mean. So on this day,
to all the dads, the real hero of every child…..and especially to the ones in my life…..A very Happy Father’s Day!


Shruthi said...

How true... and beautifully put :) Cheers to them!

DSC said...

It is true that all dads will pass through different experiences while rearing their kids. You have nicely described a true dad who would be donning different robes at different stages for this. Thanks for remembering your dad in all these characters.