March 14, 2008

Waiting for Lili..

We ordered a doll for A over the internet and we have all been eagerly waiting for her arrival. Lili is what the manufacturers call her and since A picked up the name right away thats what we are going to call her too. A has had just one other doll, a very small baby doll. Thanks to our concern that she should not become a typical girl only playing with dolls and house sets, she never had too many girly stuff. She has a lot of soft toys, animal figures, books, learning toys...but never a cute little doll. We began to notice that she has started enjoying dressing up, noticing her clothes, feeling happy when somebody said she looked cute and wearing bindi and bangles, so we decided its finally time to buy her a doll. A has been seeing her picture everyday since a week and telling us that Lili will come home 'Appromma' (Later in tamil). So finally she
is arriving today...(I think I am going to hug the guy who will deliver the parcel).

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