February 5, 2008

Before and After - a Baby

Before: When we went to restaurants and the food arrived, we would relish it and eat it slowly in between a long conversation.
After: When we go to restaurants and the food arrives, we first keep aside a portion that is tried and tested to be less spicy for her, gobble the food up real fast and beam over her in between.

Before: When we got back home from work, it was lazy evenings in front of the TV, cooking together recipes from a cookbook or Chinese take-outs.
After: When we get back from work, it is energy filled running around controlling the mischief like switching on and off the TV continuously, quick meals with less spice keeping her in mind.

Before: On weekends bright sunlight awakened us sometime mid morning.
After: On weekends bright eyes and a smile lit face awakens us early morning.

Before: Most outings were impromptu; we decided now and were out of the door in 30 minutes.
After: We plan outings in advance; when we are adventurous we decide now and the plan is out of the door in 30 minutes.

Before: We grumbled about going to birthday parties and when we did go to a few we would be the first ones to eat and leave.
After: We get excited to see birthday invites; plan her dress in advance and are the last ones to leave as she is having so much fun.

Before: Friday nights were dinner at a restaurant and a movie at the cinema.
After: Friday nights are dinner at home and a movie on our laptop in our room to aid us to sleep in the middle of it.

Before: Conversations over the phone with family was about us, our progress at work, fun things we did on the weekend.
After: Conversations over the phone with family is about her, her progress, the fun with her, and all this only when we get a chance to speak over the phone after her.

Before: Days could be categorized as happy days, sad days, boring days, eventful days and so on.
After: Days can only be categorized as Fun days.


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Oh lovely post! I am going to link to this from Blogbharti as well!

chitra said...

First time here.

As a mother, can relate to your post . Even budgets: first theirs then ours.



Madhu said...

Sudipta: Thank-you, I am honored! Welcome to my blog.

Chitra: Thanks for stopping by! Yes everything becomes first theirs and then ours :)

Kadalabal said...

I came her from shruthi's blog and wonderful analysis and u have put it optly and it is a different phase one one new one joins u it is totally a different world and u undergo a sea saw change in u happiness anxiety helplessness etc etc., it is life and u have to take is as it comes enjoy and have fun fun and fun with your baby


Deeps said...

I'm still a new mother and can oh-so-relate to your post already :-D.

Brinda said...

Hi Anana's mi-mi,

I have read a few of your other posts also. They have interested me. but these last two about the little one..... I couldn't resist writing to you !

"Before and After"- is really so true, and you have put it very well. Interesting to read and funny too

Hope to hear more updates about her.

Shruthi's mom

Madhu said...

kadalabal: Thank you for visiting my blog and posting your comments.

Deeps: Welcome to my blog and to the world of motherhood.

Aunty: Was thrilled to see your comments! I loved reading your post on http://justfemme.in/ and you look gr8 in that picture! Will soon mail you in detail with the pictures :)

DotThoughts said...

what a cute post!