January 2, 2008

Happy 2008!

The New Year is perceived to bring changes, but what changes do you notice when you wake up on the 1st? You are exactly in the same situation as yesterday, as last year and nothing has seemed to change.
In my opinion, the New Year is like a podium, an opportunity to pause from the routine and rise up from your current situation and make that change you have been wishing to make everyday. The change may be something really small or life changing, but the will to make it is what counts. And now when you finally decide to make that change you are not alone, as a lot of people are doing the same. There is a lot of positive vibe in the air, and that goes a long way when you need that extra push.
I think everybody needs a day every now and then to pause and recharge their life. A day to do a status check and see if things are going the way they are supposed to. I think it helps a lot to do this; it has always helped for me.
For those who have had a fabulous time last year, hope this new one is going to be yet another. As you have been soaring high, continue to soar higher!
For those who have been victims of a storm, hope all those bitter memories are now left as learning experiences in your mind. Hope not a minute of your new year is wasted feeling remorse, hope your good days start now and never end.
Happy New Year to everybody, build your dreams today and see them turn into reality through this year!


Ranjani said...

Hey Madhu..Hope 2008 brings in lot of good things to all of us ..

Sachin said...

Hey there, you write well....you had hooked enough to read all your posts from the first one to the last....

Hope your baby and hubby are doing well.. Have a great 2008 yourself. Btw, its funny how many people have written about how Jan 1st is not that big a deal. Shruthi, you and even me. :)