August 6, 2010

This one is for you

Well I am still struggling to write, yeah each word written here is being done with some effort. But I am overwhelmed with all the concern I am getting from people about why I am not able to write. I was especially deeply moved by an email I got today asking me about this.
So what do I do when I feel any emotion....well I write. That is all I have known to do. If I dont write I feel frustrated because its hard to find any other outlet for these emotions. So am I not able to feel emotions these days that I am not able to write? Or am I feeling too many emotions at once that they are all clashing with each other making my mind confused about which emotion to take the cue from to write? Yes I think that is what it is!
This is sure making me feel out of my elements.....almost like I am not able to breath. It has made me realize that I cannot be happy without writing. Not being able to write is frustrating me more than anything causing me not being able to write.
So forget serious writing...I have not been able to do that in ages. What I would like to promise myself is a post on this blog everyday. A simple post that at the least describes my previous day maybe? I think that would be a good start. It would give an outlet to convert some thoughts to words.
And Bee Gees if I may borrow your words at this time....
Its only words and words are all I need to make my heart sway.

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Shruthi said...

Someone had written in a blog once - I am paraphrasing - "So many emotions and thoughts pass through my head every day - which thought/emotion should I latch on to and write about? I can't decide. It seems unfair to the other emotions if I write about only one. So I don't write at all."

I could connect with it so well, and I understand you too.

There is only one way out of it - to just write. Even if you don't put it up on your blog. But if you do, all the better.