July 23, 2007

Lets play Peekaboo!

The moment that made me pause and take a peek at my life, was this moment when I was with my eight month old daughter baking a cake. I had just then handed her a spatula so that she would amuse herself with it while I continued with beating the eggs. When I turned to see what she was doing, I saw her moving the spatula in a circular motion just like the way I was moving my whisk. Initially I thought it was cute that she was doing what I was, and then I realized she DOES WHAT I DO! And that sent a shiver down my spine. For the first time I realized the onus of being a mom. I have to from here on watch what I say and watch what I do.

That started a whole new thought process, what is it that I really do these days? Get up, rush to work, traffic, work, deadlines, rush home, traffic, baby, chores, dinner, next day, exhaustion, sleep(dreams are a bonus on some lucky days). And then the weekends, there are two kinds of weekends. One is when you just shred all the to-do lists and take off somewhere and have so much fun that it feels like you are drunk and have no worries in life. It is a total feeling of being high but the following Monday morning you have a terrible hangover and you have to start from scratch with your to-do lists. The second kind are the weekends when you slog to finish all the chores on your to-do lists, at the end of it you get up on Monday morning feeling you absolutely had no weekend this time. Whatever happened to enjoying every moment in life? I realized I no longer measure life in moments, I think of it more in terms of hours or days or maybe even weeks. Days come and go so fast and YOU just get lost in them.

I finally realized I cannot get lost in time, I have to break free from the routine for a few moments (yes I have decided to value moments) everyday and reintroduce me to myself first and then to those big eyes that look up to me! Its time to play Peeek-aaa-booo!

P.S – My blog’s name has three vowel characters instead of one because all other spellings were already taken! And isnt this really the way we say it most of the times :)


dsc said...

It is nice you took some time off from your busy schedule to peep into yourself and your surroundings.Bee is always busy for someone to lick the nectar.Will it not be good, when some times, the bee itself relishes her hard work!Good luck and good wishes.

Smitha said...

Way to go!Nice to see you doing something that you always wanted to!Hugs to the little angel :)

Shruthi said...

Good good!! At last I can keep track of you at least this way, through your blog ;) Keep going! Loved the post.

Introspection said...

Hey, this is in total about all the blog so far. They are excellent and it feels like a mirror held to your heart.
One thing I certainly want to mention is that you kind of grow to be like your mother.(Specially true for girls I think). I realsied recently that I make faces or talk or react like amamma. This I realised one day while I was cooking and made a murmuring noise just like her and another day when Raja said you are making face just like her when I was cooking something. Isn't that why the saying goes "Like mother, Like daughter"