November 9, 2017

Life bites back....again

And I have officially been sucked into the monotony of a working mom’s life. J

Definitely need an outlet that allows me to pause, and live in the moment (However clich├ęd that sounds!) There have been moments, but not all have been exactly the ones I have aspired for, leaving behind an insatiable hunger for more in life. So it is time to pause, reflect, speak out and hopefully incorporate some changes.

Some moments from my life now.

OMG moment every single time I think about it:   I am a mom of a middle schooler! And a middle school girl at that! Yes, that means hormones, independence, lots of homework, peer pressure, attitude and did I mention hormones?

Where did my baby go moment:  My baby is now a first grader! Who leaves my hands as soon as she notices a friend, no longer brings me books to read to her, no longer thinks breaking into impromptu songs is cool, is emerging out to be her own self and no longer a shadow of me.

What has been your favorite date night moment: GULP! We are so zapped out of energy by the night that there is a struggle to even remember the date.

How many years of work experience question moment:  Counting on my fingers as I struggle hard to get the number, which eventually does not match the strands of gray hair peeking out from my head. The “I errr.. took a break for a few years” explanation, never fails to bring out the weirdest of expressions in people.

How do I say no moment: I have still not been able to master the art of saying no. The days that I do decide I will say no the next day, I chastise myself so much and even get dreams of having gone to the dark side that I wake up and say YES. 

Well a lot said, I want to really make a change to help myself and for starters I want to start writing/blogging again and continue with the 100 Happy Days challenge that I had started back in 2014. 70 more to go.... :)

March 24, 2016

Full circle

As I ride the metro, it is a strange feeling of deja vu. It is like the days in between were non existent. I am back to where I was years ago. If there is anything that has changed inside me, it is a sense of pride and a feeling of satisfaction.

It was not an easy decision to start working again, after 6 years of sabbatical. Six years of life that seemed like I was living on another planet. Mastering the act of housekeeping and management I must say. But above all making memories with the family, numerous ones, all so precious! It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. And that explains the feeling of pride and satisfaction.

I come back to the rat race wiser, and with a better knowledge of my priorities and a very deep understanding of myself. I am careful (as of now) to not get sucked into the monotony this kind of life brings with it. I am trying to pause to make those moments count.

As for the kids, one has accepted, the other is accepting. Who would have thought a 4 year old will understand a sentence like "When you grow up and have kids, will you choose to be at home just cooking and cleaning or spend time doing other things along with that?" But apparently she did, as the tears have stopped!

August 9, 2014

100 Happy Days - Day 30

Going for a moonlit walk with B made me happy today.

What you may think

We went for a romantic after dinner walk.

What really happened

We set out for a walk to take a breather from the tantrums of a sick two year old. When we stepped out we were pleasantly surprised by the moonlit sky, but smartphones in hand, we spent most of the time trying to get the perfect picture!